Keep your customers coming back

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  • Connecting & keeping you connected, one-to-one, with your best customers

  • Automatically delivering ongoing, personally targeted, text-based incentives

  • Fully integrating with online ordering and payment processing

  • Rewarding customers with ongoing, personal, and predictably profitable incentives.

  • Making life simple by managing the entire process for you


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With Retexts, there are no kiosks, no lines, no waiting...

In about 30 seconds, customers can enroll in your text-based promotions offering using their phone

All you need is a sign (we provide) at your point of sale

We provide you with a dedicated phone number and a sign-up code to display to customers. They simply text the code to the number, and you're connected.

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Engaged Customers buy more and buy more often

Offering ongoing personal value is key

StoreVu keeps your customers engaged with promotions they are interested in

StoreVu automatically keeps track of every promotion that's redeemed so we know exactly what the customer likes, and we systematically deliver new promotions based on...

Past purchases

Whenever a customer redeems a promotion StoreVu automatically sends a follow-up promotion that incentivizes them to return again sooner


StoreVu automatically re-engages inactive customers to incentivize their return


StoreVu can also remind customers that one of their targeted promotions is due to expire

Scheduled Promotions

A key part of StoreVu’s managed service is delivering ongoing incentives to your entire customer base on a weekly basis to continually drive sales.

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Commission-free online ordering:

Your online ordering system, your brand and your customers

StoreVu Online Ordering is commission-free and fully integrates 2-way text messaging into your customers’ online ordering experience enabling direct communication between you and each customer, fully automating:

  • Order acceptance
  • Scheduled availability
  • Completion
  • Customer arrival time
  • Customer location
  • Delivery confirmation

StoreVu supports every mode of contactless customer convenience including in-store, pickup, curbside and delivery. Additionally we import and maintain your existing menu free of charge, and provide you with a networked tablet PC for your staff as part of our offering.


"Why market my business if it doesn't pay to do so?"

  • StoreVu is the only customer marketing solution that can guarantee your local business a profit. On average our clients continue to increase the size of their customer bases, while achieving promotional redemption rates in excess of 20%
  • Every promotion that we create allows you to name your profit ahead of time                                                    

We also control: 

  • When promotions expire on a customer-by-customer basis.
  • How many times each promotion can be redeemed, in total and by individual customer.
  • And since we track every redemption, we can individually target customers with incentives that they are most likely to redeem.
  • Most importantly, we track and analyze every promotion so you know what’s working best.

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