• If you aren't text marketing you're ignoring most buyers

    Eight of ten people already "text" and 98% of text messages are viewed within 3 minutes.

    Less than a quarter use email or social media on their cell phones, and only about 20% of Facebook posts, Tweets and Emails are ever viewed.

    StoreVu can create a one-to-one SMS "Text" connection for any retailer to any buyer in about 10 seconds.

  • Text marketing increases how often & how much people buy

    For most businesses 80% of sales come from about 20% of customers.

    Retailers that promote about once a week via SMS Text messaging redeem nearly 10xs more promotions than all other mobile media combined.

    StoreVu provides complete mobile marketing services that measurably increase buying frequency and average expenditure.

  • We simplify SMS Text and all your mobile marketing efforts

    Regardless of your time, expertise, or resources, we'll implement a custom program that automates ongoing promotion delivery, redemption & loyalty accounting for you.

    Whether we manage the entire process or provide just the tools you need, StoreVu will enhance your marketing and simplify your back-office and in-store operations.

  • SMS Text & mobile marketing at a profit, guaranteed

    Do the math: If 10-times as many buyers view your promotion and 10-times as many redeem it, your results improve a hundred-fold.

    Most important, you always make money.

    You know your profit on each promotion ahead of time, since you only pay a small fee when someone actually redeems and buys.


Text messages are opened at 10x the rate of email, Facebook & Twitter combined.


Text promotions are redeemed at nearly 10x the rate of all digital media combined.


We'll engage your best customers for you to increase how often & how much they buy.


You'll know ahead of time how much you'll make on every promotion.

Total SMS Text & Mobile Marketing for Retailers of Any Size


all that we can do for you

Whether you're a retailer with hundreds of locations or just one, already have a text marketing program or not, we have a solution that will save you time, simplify your operations, and make you money. All of our custom mobile marketing solutions enable local brick and mortar retailers of any size to increase buying frequency and average expenditure.

If you don't have a text connection with your customers yet we can create one for you that you own, in about ten seconds. Plus we'll deliver your first promotion on the spot or automatically whenever you decide. That first promotion, like all of our promotions is automatically redeemed with just a glance from your in-store staff.

Through this connection or your own, StoreVu automatically delivers ongoing promotions based on past purchasing behavior. All our promotions are automatically targeted to each customer personally with individual control over expiration date and redemption quantity.

All of our solutions, software and services outlined below can be provided on a totally managed basis by StoreVu support personnel or on a licensed basis.

We offer the alternative of creating and maintaining ongoing ad campaigns for you or providing whatever tools and support your own staff may need. Either way, all of our solutions include the ongoing creation, automated delivery and redemption of promotions based on specific redemption activity or attainment of specified customer loyalty thresholds.

We also provide real-time access to statistical reporting that tells you who's buying, what's selling and how much profit you're making on a promotion-by-promotion and customer-by-customer basis.

And if you're interested in driving immediate store traffic we offer all our clients an easy-to-use tool that lets you reach all or a targeted segment of your customer base instantaneously.

How it works

try it out, it’s fast and simple

TEXT: 1236

TO: 1-952-679-6950

...and just follow the instructions in the message that we send back to you. When you text back the 6-digit code included in that message you'll be signed up with our StoreVu Demo retailer. The next morning you'll receive the demonstration "50% OFF" coupon. Redeem it and you'll see how easy it is for your staff.

If you'd like to see how your own promotions would work, give us a call and we can set it up in a matter of minutes.


everyone profits

We offer resellers of StoreVu mobile marketing services and products the opportunity to earn up to 90% of ongoing revenues. There are no geographic restrictions as all of our products and services are cloud based and can be delivered right now in any English-speaking consumer environment. Whether you’re just interested in providing us with new merchant client opportunities or utilizing our complete management suite of products and services, we’re interested in talking with you.


let us know how we can help

If you'd like to find out more about how StoreVu can help your business or how we might work together in partnership simply send us an email. Just let us know briefly what you’re looking for, when and how is best to reach you, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you'd like to talk, give us a call at 952-943-9636.